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My Language Timeline- Marie Lopez

  • The world received me

    The world received me
    An amazing day for humanity. The smallest girl of the whole nursery, but so cute!!!
  • first bablings

    first bablings
    It was something like this: #!&+@%$&>>>
  • my first word

    my first word
    My mother was so happy when I said Mama.
  • my first sentence

    my first sentence
    Yo quiero con papa.
  • first time in school

    first time in school
    I learned new words, concepts and socialized with other kids.
  • New language!:)

    New language!:)
    Even though I was taking English classes since first grade, I realized that I like this new language.
  • Junior High

    Junior High
    New School, new experiences, new teachers. I learned a lot and began to acquire more vocabulary. I could understand better.
  • High school! !Yeah!!!

    Wonderful experience in my life. I loved to watch videos with subtitles in English, listen to programs and read books of English Literature. Hard for me, but never gave up.
  • International Science and Engineering Fair- Shreverport, Louisiana

    International Science and Engineering Fair- Shreverport, Louisiana
    I went to a Science fair. It was a significative experience for me because I took the challenge of present my project to the judges without using the translator. I met new people from all around the world and thanks to English and my excellent teachers, I could communicate with others.
  • I'm in College

    I'm in College
    A new stage full of challenges. I began to take conversational courses and for the first time I took a French Course at the University of P.R.
  • New Country, New Life

    New Country, New  Life
    I got married and went to live with my husband to Conecticut, U.S. It was an American neighborhood, so I had to speak English all the time
  • Work duties

    Work duties
    I began to work at the reception in a hotel. I learned to work with people and made new friends
  • My island, at last!!!

    My island, at last!!!
    I returned to Puerto Rico
  • College again...

    College again...
    I began to study and decided to make an English Certification. When I began to teach English, it was an inexplicable experience.
  • Graduation at last!!!

    Graduation at last!!!
    I graduated from UPR and Interamerican University (English Certification)
  • Bilingual Certification-USC

    Bilingual Certification-USC
    I began this experience. Although it is hard for us who have a family work and a complicated life; this has been an enrichment experience. I lhave learned a lot and I plan to finish it because it's very interesting and useful. In that way, I can make a difference in my students' lives.