My generation

  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    George H.W Bush made a speech and told the United States that he planned to get Iraq out of Kuwait. After seven days of fighting the Iraquese retreated.
  • "No New Taxes" gone bad

    "No New Taxes" gone bad
    Clinton exposessd Bush for breaking his 1988 "read my lips" promise of no new taxes which lead Clinton to receive 43% of the popular vote on Election Day, while Bush received just 37%..
  • Lewinsky

    President Bill Clinton Had the white house all to himself and his unpaid intern secatary came in for work. Once something came out about sexual harrasment the unpaid secatary Monica said that they had have an affair.
  • Election 2000

    Election 2000
    This election was so close that eventually they just said George W. Bush won.