• Sep 11, 1114

    First Newar Document

    The earliest Newari document of AD 1114 on palm leaf is about regulations of the associations of Maṇidharajīva Mahāvihāra. In early modern Nepalese history (1768-1846), it is seen that Shakyas were named Vandya "venerable" (Nepali Bāṃdā, Newari Bare). B.H.Hodgson’s residency pundit Amritananda Vandya and his younger brother litterateur of Nepali, pundit Sundarananda Banda were famous in their time. Source: From
  • King Unites Newars and Other Ethnic Groups of Nepal

    The unification of Nepal in 1768 by Gorkha's king Prithvi Narayan Shah signaled the end of the Kathmandu Valley's fragmentation. Nepali, an Indo-European language spoken by the Khas of western Nepal. replaced Nepalbhasa as the country's language of administration.
  • Devlins Immigrate

    Lhon Francis Devlin immigrated from Roscommon Ireland
  • Thisens Immagrate

    Jhon Peter Thisen + Anna Thisen immigrated from Luxemblurg
  • Dinesh Raj Shakya Immigrated to America

    my came to america and was the first of his side of the family to immigrate Source: Mom