My Brother Sam Is Dead

By JAKE799
  • Lexington and Concord

    The Battle of Lexington and Concord was the first major battle of the American Revolution and this starts the book
  • Sam is fighting with father

    Father doesnt want Sam to go to war but Sam wants to so they argue about it
  • Sam runs away to fight

    Sam runs away to go to war against the British
  • Continentals assault Father

    The Continental Army tries to take the gun that Sam stole
  • Tim almost shoots Sam

    Tim threatens to shoot Sam when Sam tries to take the guns from Tim who was taking it back to Father
  • Battle of Bunker Hil

  • Sam is accused of stealing his own cows

    Sam is falsly accused of stealing his own cows from his family and is to be hung in two weeks time
  • Sam is exucuted

    Sam is exucuted as an example to the rest of the soldiers what happens when you steal cows
  • British abandon Boston

  • Declaration Of Independence is signed

  • Battle of Long Island

  • Battle of Trenton

  • Battle of Princeton

  • Battle at Saratoga

  • Burgoyne surrenders to the Americans

  • Benedict Arnold is a traitor

  • Battle of Cowpens

  • Battle of Yorktown

  • Treaty of Paris is ratified