my 25

By Cpella
  • Oct 26, 1524

    French send another explorer

    Giovanni de Verrazano is sent to find the Northwest Passage.
  • New colony founded

    The Dutch found New Netherland.
  • Electricity is made

    Ben Franklin discovers electricity inside lightning.
  • Florida's new owner

    British recieve the state of Florida.
  • Droclamation issued

    This law banned British settlements west of the Alppalmations.
  • First boy cott

    First colonial boy cott is in New York.
  • Stamp act

    this act required colonists to pay for an official stamp.
  • Richard Awkright inetion

    Richard invents the water frame.
  • Boston Massacre

    An argument that turned into a massacre.
  • Continental Congress

    The Continental Congress meets for the first time.
  • Revolutionary war

    The fight between Lexington and Concord starts the Revolutionary war.
  • Battle of Trenton

    an important victory for the patriots.
  • Cofederation starts

    The Continental Congress approves the articles of confederation.
  • British surrender

    The British surrender to George Washington in Yorktown.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Great Britan finally recognizes the colonies' independence.
  • Dollars are created

    The U.S. starts to use the dollar curency.
  • Land Ordience

    A system was set up for surveying land.
  • Shar's rebbelion

    The uprising of farmers to protest high taxes.
  • Northwest Ordience

    Ordience established the Northwest states.
  • The constitution goes into effect

    As New Hampshire ratified the constitution, it came into effect.
  • Bill of Rights

    Bill of Rights becomes part of the Constitution.
  • Bill of Rights is approved

    Bill of Rights is ratified by the states.
  • U.S. and Britan agree to comply

    U.S. and British agree to comply.
  • First train

    First Locomotive to carry passengers.
  • U.S. in war

    U.S. decl;ares war against Mexico