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Music change in the 20th century

By kymammy
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Guitar - Piano - Harmonica - Double bass - Drums - Saxophone - Vocals - Trumpet - Trombone
    Time of Origin: Late 1800's ealry 1900's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1910's - present
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Vocals, Piano, Hammond organ, guitar, horns, drums, and bass guitar.
    Time of Origin: late 1800's early 1900's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1900's -present. mostly among christains
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Saxophone - Clarinet - Flute - Vibraphone - Trumpet - Piano - Guitar - Banjo - Tuba - Double bass - Bass Guitar - Vocals - Trombone - Drum kit
    Time of Origin: 1910's.
    Mainstream Popularity: 20's - 60's
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Guitar - Bass - Electric bass guitar - Dobro - Electric guitar - Steel guitar - Pedal steel guitar - Mandolin - Banjo - Double bass - Fiddle - Piano - Electronic keyboard - Drums - Harmonica - Vocals
    Time of Origin: Early 1900's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1920's - Present
  • Period: to

    Girl Groups

    Typical Instruments: Vocals, Electronic Backing, Sampler, Sequencer, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum Kit, Keyboard
    Time of Origin: 1930's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1950's-present
  • Period: to

    Rock and Roll

    Typical Instruments: Electric Guitar - String Bass or Later Bass Guitar - Drums - Optional Piano and Saxophone(s) - Vocals
    Time of Origin: 1940's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1950's - Present
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Double Bass - Electric Gitar - Saxophone - Drums - Piano - Harmony Vocals
    Tine of Origin: 1940's - early 1960's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1950's - 1960's
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Violin - Electric Guitar - Bass guitar - Piano - Keyboard - Drums (or drum machine) - String Section - Horn Section - Orchestral Solo Instruments (e.g., flute) - Percussion
    Time of Origin: late 1960's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1970's - 1980's
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Bass Guitar – Electric Guitar – Drums – Keyboards (hammond organ, clavinet, synthesizer) – Horns, Congas, Vocals
    Time of Origin: Mid 1960's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1970's - 1990's
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Turntable, Synthesizer, DAW, Rapping, Drum Machine, Sampler, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Beatboxing, Vocals
    Time of Origins: 1970's New York
    Mainstream Popularity: 1980's - Present
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals
    Time of Origin: Mid 1980's
    Mainstream Popularity: 1990-2000
  • Period: to


    Typical Instruments: Sampler, Drum Machine, Synthesizer, Turntables, Sequencer, Personal Computer
    Time of Origin: 1980's Chicago
    Mainstream Popularity: 1990's - Present
  • Period: to

    Boy Bands

    Typical Instruments: Vocals, Electronic Backing, Sampler - Sequencers. Rock Band Instrumentation: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drums
    Time of Origin: 1970's
    Mainstream Popularity: Mid-1990's - Early 2000's