MTHS Civil Right Timeline by Kaur R

  • Emment Till

    Emment Till
    Till was a black young man who when to the store to buy something. And while there a white lady called or said something to him. Later a white man came to his house and took him. Then Emmett was found dead by the river.
  • Montgomery Bus boycott

    Montgomery Bus boycott
    The Montgomery bus boycott had a rule that white get on the bus first and then blacks. Also that white sit in front of the bus. And the blacks sit in the back of the bus. One black woman named Rosa Parks sat in front of the bus. And did not give her bus to the white man. She was arrested for sitting in front of the bus and not giving up her seat.
  • Little Rocks

    Little Rocks
    The little rocks were known as the first nine African Americans to attend a high school. They wanted to attend the Central High school, they were allowed to attend that school. The government allows them to attend that school when the president said yes.
  • Sit-Ins

    The sit-ins were started by four black college students, who came to a café and sat there. They were not allowed to be there, because it was a white café. Also they’re order were not taken or being served something. So they decided to stay there until the café close. And the next day they brought more people with them. The copes would arrest every black person who came. But the copes got tired of them after a while blacks were allowed to come in.
  • Albany movement

    Albany movement
    The Albany Movement was started when MLK was arrested. But he was bailed out of jail but he didn’t like. Then he had the idea to fill up all the jails so the African Americans could maybe get what they wanted.
  • Project "C" in Birmingham

    Project "C" in Birmingham
    Project "C" in Birminghamwas when the government let the water and dog out on blacks. It was because of the protests that was happening. The blacks were warned about that they will have dog and water on them if they don’t stop. But they decided not to so they had the dog and water out on them, so that they will stop protesting.
  • Letters from Birmingham

    Letters from Birmingham
    The letter that MLK wrote when he was in jail it was to the newspaper articles talk about attacks on him and fight that were happening. He wrote to the african american and the newspaper about that charge that were againts him.
  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom Summer
    The Freedom summer was a volunteer progame in the summer for college stundents. The progam was about to give the register to afrian americans to vote.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Civil right act of 1964 was act signed into law on July 2 1964 that banned discrimination in employment and in public accommodation.
  • Voting Rights Act of 1965

    Voting Rights Act of 1965
    It was civil right law that banned literacy test and other practices that discouraged blacks from voting. Balcks were outnumbered by the whites in vouting.These blacks were not able to vote, and the goveremnt want people who were smart and understand to vote.