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  • Hitler becomes Germany's leader

    German people voted for Hitler to be their leader
  • The Nazi party takes power in Germany.

    The Nazi party takes power in Germany.
    Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor,or prime minister of Germany.- Nazis ‘temporarily’ suspend civil liberties
  • – Jewish newspapers can no longer be sold in the streets.

    Hitler combines the positions of chancellor and president to become ‘Fuhrer’ or leader of Germany.’
  • German priestdent dies

    German President dies Hiendenburg .
  • Hitler violates the treaty of Versailles by introducing the military conscription

  • German Axis

    WW2 Axis powers had enough successes early in the war to make dramatic gains in the European and Pacific theaters of war, but enough failures to doom themselves to ultimate defeat.
  • Assassination attempt Hitler fails

  • Germany invades Poland

    Germany invades Poland
  • 1.25 million German soldiers

    German tanks poured in Poland
  • Hitler doesn't stop

    Because Hitler wont stop so Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany
  • Britan attacks Germany

    British royal air force attacks the German Navy.
  • Canada declares war on Germany

    Battle of the atlantic ocean begins
  • Battle of Britan

    Battle of Britan
    WWII was different from WWI as it had a focus of fighting from the skies. You read about how planes plowed the way for tanks to roll into Poland. They were also used to make sea attacks easier. Navy boats were attacked by planes as well. Of course, planes were used to bomb other planes as well, especially if they could be destroyed on the ground to keep them from being useful.
  • Italians occupy British Somaliland in East Africa.

  • German bomb

    German bombing offensive against airfields and factories in England.
  • Göring instructs Heydrich to prepare for the Final Solution.

  • United States

    United States
    United States announces an oil embargo against aggressor states.
  • Takes comman 8

    British General Bernard Montgomery takes command of Eighth Army in North Africa.
  • First air attack

    First air attack
    August 17, 1942 - First all-American air attack in Europe.
  • Allied landings at Salerno and Taranto.

  • Italy declares war Germany.

    Italy declares war on Germany; Second American air raid on Schweinfurt.
  • V-E day. V-J Days

    V-E day. V-J Days
    V-J Days are about victroy in japan day. V-E day Is about victory Europ
  • Allies bomb the monastery at Monte Cassino.

    Allies bomb the monastery at Monte Cassino.
  • Soviet troops

    Soviet troops
    Soviet troops capture Riga.
  • German offensive

    German offensive
    Last German offensive of the war begins to defend oil fields in Hungary.
  • Atomic bomb

    Atomic bomb
    First atomic bomb dropped, on Hiroshima, Japan.
  • Herman Goring commits suicide two hours before his scheduled execution.

    Herman Goring commits  suicide two hours  before his scheduled execution.