By grade5s
  • Baby Mozart Born

    Mozart was born in 27th January, 1756. Mozart was a genius. He played piano when he was 3 or 4years old. He also made a song when he was 5years old. He also played violin. He was as good as the adults.
  • Mozart Learned PIano

    Mozart learned piano. He was only 3 years old when he learned the piano.
  • Mozart learning violin

    He start to learn violin when he was young. His father is trying to make him a profession at violin and piano. His father wanted to make him as a good musician.
  • Mozart traveling other countries.

    Mozart traveled to other countries and did a concert. Mozart was now as good as an adult.
  • Mozart writing songs.

    Mozart wrote a song when he was about elementary. The song was good but he was bad at writing with a ink. The ink was all over the paper so the song couldn't use for other kids.
  • Mozart wrote about 600 songs.

    Mozart wrote about 27 songs and the opera, symphonies, about 67, about 31 marches, orchestral dances around abuse 45, about 42 piano concertos, violin concerto about 12, about 40 hoeyugok others solo, Gyohoeyong vocal music, chamber music cantata, mass, and a variety of genres yiyureumyeo wrote over 600 songs.
  • Moart Working on a new song.

    Mozart was working on a song called Requiem. But he couldn't finish that because he was sick and ill. At last he died and he didn't finish that song. That song was taken away from Mozart's diciples. At last the song was finished.
  • Mozart death

    Mozart died on 1791. Some people might think that he was really poor when he died but this isn't the truth. When Mozart died, there were some jewels on his shirts and he was famous because he wrote songs and can play instruments when he was young. He was called the genius of the music.
  • Mozart story

    There are a lot of story about Mozart. For example there was another musician who was rival with Mozart and the musician killed Mozart by feeding him a poison. Of course, this sotry are almost all fake.