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Morgan Freeman by Alexa W.

By mrst
  • Born

    Morgan Freeman was born in Memphis, Tennessee. On June 1st ,1937.
  • Academy Award won in 1987

    Academy Award won in 1987
    Morgan Freman won an award for his roles in Street Smart in 1987. But this was not the only movie he got an award in!
  • Most Famous Movie

    Most Famous Movie
    Morgan Freeman's most famous movie was Driving Miss Daisy. He won a Golden Globe for Best Actor.
  • Another Award Winning Movie

    Another Award Winning Movie
    He won 3 Academy Awards for 3 movies. The last one is called
    The Shawshank Redemption.
  • More Recent Films

    More Recent Films
    Two more recent films in 1997 are Amistad and Kiss the Girls. Then in 2001 another recent film came out called Along Came a Spider.
  • Hollywood Movies

    Hollywood Movies
    There were not a lot of African American actors, but Morgan Freeman got a Hollywood role for the movie Deep Impact in 1998. Another Hollywood movie is Outbreak in 1995.
  • March of the Peguins

    Morgan Freeman was narrator for the movie March of the Peguins, in 2005. March of the Peguins was a great hit!