Moonbear Shadows

  • Moonbear wakes up

    Moonbear wakes up and notices the sun rising.
  • Moonbear goes outside early morning

    When moon bear goes outside in the morning sun, he notices that his shadow is at his feet. The sun rises in the East so the shadow is West.
  • Moonbear at noon

    Moonbear takes a walk when the sun is directly above his head. When the sun is directly above Moonbear, then his shadow is directly below him.
  • Moonbear in the afternoon

    Now that it is getting later in the afternoon, the sun is heading towards the West so it can start to set. When the sun is in the West, then Moonbears shadow is East of him.
  • Night is upon us

    Now that the day has come and gone, it is time for Moonbear to head home and get some sleep. The sun is now set and it is dark. Inorder to have a shadow, there has to be light. When the sun is set, moonbear has no shadow.