montrae and armondo atomic theory

  • 400


    Aristole basically created formal logic and wass besst know as a philopsopher ('Dream Moods')
  • Dec 31, 1000

    Democritus- uncuttable atom

    Democritus Year 1- He belived that atoms existed in diffrent shapes and motions which created everything that one sees in the univerese
  • Willam Harvey

    First person to fully describe how blood was pumed throuhgout your body.
  • John Dalton

    Taking and incresing Democritus' idea that atoms could not be split Dalton created the new atomic theory. Dalton said that all matter is made of small and indvinsible parts that they are not capble of being destroyed and they can not be changed.
  • Joseph J. Thomson ( Plum Pudding Model) m.

    J.J. Thomson discovered the electron and won a Noble Prize
  • Max Planck

    He was the founder of the quantum theory
  • Robert Millikan

    HE descovered cheifly in the feilds of electricity ,opitics ,and molecular physics
  • Henry Mosely

    he developed the application of x-ray spectra to study atomic structure
  • Ernest Rutherford (Rutherford Modle)

    Rutherford was the first to establish the theory of the nuclear atom and to carry out a transmutation reaction (1919) (formation of hydrogen and and oxygen isotope by bombardment of nitrogen with alpha particles).
  • Neils Bohr (Bohr Model)

    Neil Bohr won the Noble Prize for physics for his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and the radiation emenating from them
  • Electron Cloud Model ( Current)

    Erwin Schrodinger developed mathemathical equations to describe the mothion of electrons. This model is a visual model of probale locations of electrons in an atom.