montana revolution

  • Period: Jun 28, 1491 to Jan 28, 1547

    Henry VIII

    Changed England from catholic church to protestant because he wanted divorce to be illegal
  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth I

    Her skills helped make her a popular ruler,who became known as "Queen bess"
    She was the queen until her death
  • Period: to

    Charles II

    Lost his attack between Ireland and Scottland
    He was invited to take thrown in Parliment.
    His era was know as Restoration period
    Avoided clashing with parliment
  • Period: to

    john locke

    Believe in natural rights: life,liberty and property
    Publishes Two Ttreaties of Goverment
  • Period: to

    James II

    Inherited the thrown in 1685 but wasnt there long
    Appreciated catholic faith
    Overthrown by the Glorious revolution
  • Period: to


    He didved the goverment into 3 branches: Judicial, legislative and exectuive
    He wrote the Sprite of laws
    His ideas are int he u.s constituion
  • English Bill of rights

    gave the house of commons the power of purse
    lays down limits on the powers of the crown
    sets out the rights of parliment
  • Period: to

    William and Mary orange

    Had to accept the Several Acts of Parliment
    They accepted thrown
  • Period: to


    He was a french enlightment writer
    He mocked the church and noble
    He believe in freedom of speech
    Wrote Letters of English
  • Period: to


    Believed in natural rights and direct democracy
    Wrote the Social Contract
    Said "Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains"
  • cause of war

    a disagreement on the way britain treated the colonies versus the way colonies felt they should be treated
  • causes of declaration of independence

    Thomas jefferson wrote the document inspired by John Locke
    goverment had an obligation to protect peoples natural right to life,libery, and property
  • articles of confederation

    agreement between the 13 founding states
    was weak and people ignored it
    made no money
    led to constituional convention
  • Constitution

    Bejamin Franklin and James Madison drafted to constitution
    Divided powers
  • causes of revolution

    colonist were begining to get upset about conditions of colonies
    debt had risen
    people were upset about taxation
    believed people should heir england
  • Bill of rights

    the first 10 amendments to the constitution make up the bill of rights
    written by james madison