Mongol invasions of Japan

  • Oct 11, 1268

    the Mongols warning

    1268 period Kublia Khan sent 5 messengers to Japan to tell them that they need to live under the Mongol Empire. However, Hojo Tokimune would not allow them to land on Japan. He executed the 5th and final ship of messengers.
  • Apr 8, 1274

    The First Invasion

    In 1274 the Mongol army launched an attack against Japan, The mongols dominated the Samurai in combat due to the different battle styles of the samurai who would fight one-on-one with someone rather than fighting in units.
  • Nov 21, 1274

    Mongol Demise

    One night when the ships were sailing at night, 13,000 of Kublia Khan’s men drowned due to a typhoon. Even though the Samurai didn’t defeat the mongols, they were granted goods for their valor
  • Apr 8, 1281

    The Second Invasion

    Sometime in the Spring of 1281, Japan was informed that a second invasion. Kublia Khan was determined to finally defeat Japan the second time around. During the second invasion, the samurai would do nightly raids that would attack the crew and set the ships on fire.
  • Aug 15, 1281

    The Kamikaze

    On August 15th, 1281 by some miracle, a second typhoon destroyed all of Kublia Khan’s ships except for a few hundred. The surviving mongol warriors were hunted down and killed on the islands. The people of Japan believed that they were saved by two storms calling them kamikazes (divine winds) Kubia also believed that something supernatural had protected Japan. As a result, he did not invade Japan Again.