modern astronomy period 5

By 16calek
  • 150


    Ptolemy develops his system for calculating the location of the planets. He publishes a star catalogue with the positions of more than 1000 stars.
  • 420

    Martianus Capella

    He publishes a book in which he presents an astronomical system with the Earth at the centre of the Universe, the Moon, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in orbit around it and the planets Mercury and Venus in orbit around the Sun.
  • Apr 30, 721

    The size of the Earth

    The Chinese measure the size of the Earth.
  • May 1, 1543


    Copernicus revives Aristarchus’ ideas
  • Apr 30, 1572

    Tycho Brahe

    Tycho Brahe sees a supernova and proves that it is just as far away as the other stars.
  • Apr 30, 1582

    Pope Gregory XIII

    Pope Gregory XIII introduces his calendar, which we still use.
  • First satellite

    The first satellite in orbit.
  • The Moon

    The first person on the Moon.
  • Pluto

    Pluto have not longer status as a planet, now it is a Kuiper belt object.
  • Aryabhata

    The Indian astronomer Aryabhata publishes a book in which the rotation of the heavens is explained by saying that the Earth rotates and there is a heliocentric solar system and the planets in elliptic orbits. He determines the length of the year very precisely.