mine me history timeline

  • Cuba

    Cuba at this time was owned bu Spain and wanted to sell. But Spain did not want to sell to America. Spain wanted to see Cuba sunk rather than sold to US.
  • Acquiring Alaska

    Acquiring Alaska
    As America was expanding,security of state William Seward wanted to buy Alaska. Seward baught Alaska for $7.2 million from the Russions. Seward had to persuade the House of Representatives to approve the founding to buy Alaska.
  • A Nation Event

    A Nation Event
    By 1856 the railroad went west to the Missippi River. Three years later they crossed the Mississppi River. Ten years later people met in Utah on the Rail Road
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  • Thomas Edision

    Thomas Edision
    Thomas Edision establashed the worlds first research laboratery in New Jersy. In his laboratery Edision made his first light bulb. After the light bulb was made Edision made a machine to power the light bulb the machine distrubed electrical pwer.
  • Long hours on the job

    Long hours on the job
    One of the largest employers the steel mills worked people to long. People that worked in the steel mills had to work 12 hours a day work six days a week and could not have a vaction sick leave pr remburse ment gor injurys.
  • Iron

    In the Mesabi range of Minnesota oil was not the only thing the US had to produce. In Minnesota there was Iron ore deposits for more than 100 miles long and up to 3 miles wide. The iron was needed to make steel.
  • Philippine-American War

    The Filipions led by Aguinaldo rose in a revolt. The colonly was fighting for its freedom. The U.S sent 70,000 troops down to the Philippine. 4,000 american lives where lost in the war
  • constructing the canal

    constructing the canal
    Constructing the canal lays on the top of the list as onr of the greatest engineering feats ever. The workers had to fight through a bunche of different dieses. All the swamp lands had to be drained befor construction of the canal
  • War Groups

    War Groups
    In 1907 there where two major alliances in Europe. The one alliance that was involved with the war was the tripple Entente which consited of France,Britan, and Russia. The athor alliance was the tripple Alliance was made up of Germany,Austria Hungary and Italy.
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  • sinkadiddid

    On January 31 1917 Kaiser of Germany said that German U-boats will sink all ships on sight that are in British waters. The Kaiser also said thet the U-boats do not care if the ships being targeted are hostile or neutral.
  • Register

    In May 1917 the Selective Services Act was passed which Required men to register with the government. The government would randomly pick from the people thet registersd with the government for military service.
  • Prohibition idea

    Prohibition idea
    Alchol beverages where made eligal under the eighteenth Amendment of 1920. The transportation of alchole was eligat to. Alcholic drinks where thought to increas in wife and child abuse more crime and accidents on and off the job site.
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    Roaring 20's"

  • Life changes

    Life changes
    Life had changed in both places,life had changed in the workeing world and in the home world. The women of the United States are now out in the workeing world. Life over all went from being a slower to being a faster life. Food is now being prepared for you with sliced bread canned food ready-made clothes
  • Jazz of the 20's

    Jazz of the 20's
    In 1922 the best jazz playing performer started his career. Louis Armstrong was in the Oliver's Band. The band latter became better known as the Creole Jazz band.
  • Stalin has power

    Stalin has power
    Joseph Stalin was the new man in charge in Russia. Stalin took over for Lenin when he died. When Stalin came into office for the Soviets he was focased on makeing the best communist country there ever was. Stalin made huge agricultural and industrial growth to make his prime economic goals.
  • Non stop flight

    Non stop flight
    Charles A lindberg flew non stop across the Atlanic Ocean for the first time. Lindberg started his flight outside of New York City and set down at Le Bourget out side of Paris france. Lindberg was treated as a god not just in the US but all around the world.
  • President Hoover

    President Hoover
    President Hoover was voted into office in 1928. Hoover was the president during the stock market crash and Great Depression. As the president during the Great Depression he had a tough time trying to get the country out of the debt it was in.
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    great depression

  • bank crash

    bank crash
    After the stock market crash many people wanted to with draw their money from the bank. Manny people did not trust the banks aft the crash. When people went to withdraw the money from the banks the banks did not have the money. The money the people wanted was invested in the stock market and given out for loans
  • Kristallnacht

    Kristallnacht or known as night of broken glass was the day that the Nazi storm troopers attacked jewish homes and business. The Jewish homes and business windows doors where destroyed. Around 100 jews where killed that night
  • Piece with Austria

    Piece with Austria
    Austria was Hitlers first country that he attacked. Hitler took over Austria with out any battles. He took over the country by just simpley walking into Austria and saying he wants it.
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  • Defence

    U.S. is starting to spen money for natoinal defence. All of the victories that the Nazis where haveing started to make the U.S wonder what the nazis where doing.