Milky Way bar

By yiai1
  • Frank C. mars

    The Milky Way bar was created in 1923 by Frank C. Mars and originally manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the first commercially distributed filled chocolate bar. The name and taste was taken from a famed malted milk drink (milkshake) of the day – not the Earth’s galaxy, as many contend.
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    Milky Way

  • SOLD A LOT !

    In 1924, the Milky Way bar was introduced nationally and sold USD800,000 that year. The chocolate for the chocolate coating was supplied by Hershey's.
  • first use date

    On March 10, 1925, the Milky Way trademark was registered in the U.S., claiming a first-use date of 1922.
  • two starting Flavors

    By 1926 it had two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, each for a nickel.
  • two piece bar

    In June 1932, the Milky Way bar was sold as a two piece bar, but just four years later.
  • Slogan

    In 1935 the slogan was "The sweet you can eat between meals." It was then changed to "At work, rest and play, you get three great tastes in a Milky Way."
  • Bad news

    In 1936, the chocolate and vanilla were separated.
  • name

    In 1969 a variant with vanilla nougat and dark chocolate was named "Forever Yours," Years later the bar was renamed "Milky Way Dark," and finally "Milky Way Midnight."
  • US slogan NEW

    By 2006 the US slogan was "Comfort in every bar." and most recently became "Life's Better the Milky Way."

    In 2010, the Milky Way Simply Caramel bar went on sale. This version has no nougat and is made of caramel covered in milk chocolate.
  • fun size

    In 2011, a fun size offering of the Simply Caramel bar was introduced.
  • sale

    In 2012, Milky Way Caramel Apple Minis went on sale as a limited time offering for the Halloween season.