Middle Childhood

  • Eight years old

    Eight years old
    At the age of eight Andrea is interested in playing chess.She has one best friend, she trustts this friend very much.she is about 3 feet and 10 inches. one of her favorite physical activity is jump rope.and she is learning to type on a computer at school.which helps her with fine moter skills.
  • Ten Years old

     Ten Years old
    At ten years old Andrea is on 5th grade. she can judge and intercept directions of small balls thrown from a distance. and can run 17 feet per second.she knows her homework responsibilities and she applies logical thinking.
  • Period: to

    middle childhood

  • 12 yrs and 6 months old

    12 yrs and 6 months old
    Andrea is more concern about the way she looks and spends more time getting ready to go to school than before.she likes to dress cool just like some of her friends.Andrea also understands reading in terms of reflecting multiple points of view.According to Erikson Andrea its at end the period where she is characterized by a focus on efforts to attain competence in meeting the challenges presented by parents, peers, and the other complexities of the modern world.
  • 14 years old

    14 years old
    Andrea is at the stage 3 changing views of friends, called Basing friendship on phychological closeness. she is sharing personal thoughts and feelings through mutual disclosure. she can tell right from wrong and how to make good choices.she knows how to solve social problems, according to developmental phychologisy Kenneth Dodge.