Microscope/ Cells

  • The 1st Micropscope

    The 1st Micropscope
    the 1st microschope was invented by Hans and Zacharias Janssen
  • Robert Hooke (father of microscopy)

    Robert Hooke (father of microscopy)
    discovered and named cells
  • Van Leewuanhoek (father of microbiology)

    Van Leewuanhoek (father of microbiology)
    discovered single celled orgnaisms; sperm, muscle striations, protistand bacteria
  • Matthias Schleiden

    Matthias Schleiden
    concluded that plants have cells. *co-founder of cell theory*
  • Cell Theory

    Cell Theory
    genreal statement of cell theory recieved general acceptance
  • Theodor Shwann

    Theodor Shwann
    stated that all living things are composed of cells
  • Rudolf Virchow

    Rudolf Virchow
    founded 2 anthropological societies; suggested that all cells come from pre-existing cells, and that not all plants are made up of cells which eventually led on to the creation of cell theory
  • Electron Microscope

    Electron Microscope
    the electron microscope was invented by Max Knott & Ernst Ruska
  • X-ray Microscope

    X-ray Microscope
    Sir Lawrence Bragg produced first usuable x-ray microscope
  • Producing Stem Cells

    Producing Stem Cells
    Scientists Clone Rhesus Monkey to Produce Stem Cells