Michinomiya Hirohito Rise to Power

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  • Hirohito becomes emperor

    After the death of his father, Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan.
  • Start of the second Sino-Japanese War

    Hirohito moves troops from Korea to help occupy Manchuria without authorization,
  • February 26 Coup

    Authorizes use of military force to bring down a coup.
  • Tri-Partite Pact

    Representatives signed the Tri-Partite pact in with Germany and Italy.
  • Hideki Tojo

    Hideki Tojo took the position of Prime Minister
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Informed of and approved the plan to attack Perl Harbor.
  • WW2 Final Stages

    Firebombing of Tokyo began which damaged the Imperial Palace.
  • Surrender

    Japan announced its surrender via radio address
  • Divinity of emperors

    Japan renounced divinity of emperors
  • New Japanese Constitution

    Hirohito signs new constitution which reduces his powers significantly.
  • Traveled to Europe

    Traveled to Europe for visit as emperor to a foreign country
  • End of reign

    Hirohito dies, which ends his reign as emperor.