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Michael Phelps -Sarah Hassan

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  • Michael Phelps Birth Date

    Michael Phelps Birth Date
    Michael Phelps was born in Towson,Baltimore,Maryland to Deborah Phelps and Michael Fred Phelps.
  • Period: to

    Michael Phelps Timeline - Sarah Hassan

  • Berlin Wall Falls

    Berlin Wall Falls
  • The Gulf War

    The Gulf War
    The American number of soldiers increase in the Persian gulf and a war begins.
  • Fall of Soviet Union

    Fall of Soviet Union
    The Soviet Union leaves existence.
  • The Start to Stardom

    The Start to Stardom
    Michael Phelps works his way to the 200 Summer Olympics in Sydney.
  • Butterfly Meter Race

    Butterfly Meter Race
    Phelps sets a record for the butterfly meter race.
  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
    The Twin Towers in New York fell down due to a terrorist attack.
  • Became Youngest to Set a Record

    Became Youngest to Set a Record
    Michael Phelps set two records just by setting one!
  • Range Rover Exploration

    Range Rover Exploration
    Humans send the Range Rover into space on Mars.
  • First Gold

    First Gold
    Phelps won his first gold medal!!!!!!
  • Period: to

    Becoming a Star Athlete

    Phelps won six gold and two bronze medals and became the youngest male swimmer to ever win more than two individual titles.
  • Period: to

    World Championship

    Michael Phelps gets many awards and becomes even more famous throughout the world.
  • Better than Spitz

    Better than Spitz
    Wins 8 gold medals and breaks swimmer Spitz's record.
  • DVD replaces VCR

    DVD replaces VCR
    The Dvd replaces the VCR.
  • BP Oil Spill

    BP Oil Spill
    The BP Oil Spill brings oil into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.
  • Record Setter

    Record Setter
    Phelps set 39 world records at the so called end of his career at the 2012 Olympics.
  • 22 Medals

    22 Medals
    Phelps total number of Olympics increases to 22.
  • Engagement

    Michael Phelps gets engaged to former Miss California Nicole Johnson.