Metro Financial Group

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  • Job Offer

    Job Offer
    Metro Financial group was approached by State University President, Pamela Meyer to create a budget template for college students.
  • Period: to

    Discussing the Job Offer

    Discussing the job offer and what it entails
  • Accepting the Job Offer

    Accepting the Job Offer
    Metro Financial Group decided to accept the job offer and plan a budget for college students
  • Period: to

    Research for Project

    We did research,surveys and talk to student about money management and what or how much they know about it.
  • The Planning of The Budget

    The Planning of The Budget
    The group decided on the the items to put in the budget and provided research supporting our choices.
  • Submitting The Protocopy of the budget

    The prototype of the budget was submitted for approval to the executive financial director.
  • Made corrections to the blueprint

    After receiving critique on the blue print of the budget we went and revised and edited the budget plan.
  • Rehearsal

    The group assemble to rehearse and make final changes to the presentation
  • Chapter 11 Presentation

    We presented our chapter 11 on inductive reasoning
  • Presented to the Board

    Metro Financial Group presented the budget plan to the State University President Pamela Meyer.

    We recommend that the as a freshman they stay on campus but every student who wants to live off campus has to go through the "Metro Finanical Counseling Program before he/she can move off campus. 1.Budgeting 2.Learn how to live within your means. 1.Credit Reports and Scores 2. The purpose of this lesson is to help students learn how to understand their credit report and score 1.Credit and Debt .Learn how to stay on good terms with your credit .Saving and Investing .