memories of me

  • Period: to

    memories of me

  • The light bulb

    On this date the light bulb was invented.
  • The air conditioner

    This date is when the a.c was invented
  • Plastic was invented

    At the year 1907 plastic was invented
  • The traffic light was invented

    on 1923 the traffic light was invented so the carages in that time won't crash.
  • The Television was invented

    I 1927 the T.V was invented to keep to you entertained and let grown ups hear the news.
  • The frozen food was invented

    Frozen food was invented to keep your food cool
  • The pen was invented

    In 1938 the pen was invented to write letters and to draw
  • The airplane was invented

    In 1939 the plane was invented to travel in
  • The phone was invented

    In 1983 the phone was invented to communicate
  • The internet was invented

    The internet was invented so we could reasherch and much much more
  • I was born

    On 18th of may I Sara Al Thani was born
  • My first tooth

    In 2004 July 13 my first tooth grow
  • My first Airplane trip

    In July something 2004 was my first flight out of Doha
  • First hair cut

    In Augist something 2005 I got my first hair cut
  • Start of school

    My first day of school.
  • First instrament

    In 2008 was my first piano lesson