Medieval Japan

  • Period: 221 to 481

    Start of the Warring States

    The Warring States started around 475B.C. and ended around 221B.C. Seven major states were created as a result.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1180 to Jan 1, 1185

    Minamoto Clan Seies Power

    Yoritomo set a rebellion against the Tiara rule. This lasted 5 years and ended with destuction of Eastern Japan and the Tiara. Afterwards, Ashikaga, Takeda, and Nitta clans were formed. In 1192 the Kamakura Shogunate was established.
  • Jan 1, 1232

    Gosibai Shikimoku Code was Established

    The legal code of Kamkura Shogunate was established in 1232. The Muromachi Shogunate also used the code as a basic rule. During the Edo era, the rules were used as textbooks to be used in the temple schools.
  • Period: Sep 1, 1274 to Nov 20, 1274

    First Mongol Invasion

    Source:The first Mongol Invasion occurred during Autumn, 1274. The invasion was when the Mongols tried to invade Japan and they conquered Tsushima, Iki and the main islands of Japan. Suenaga and three warriors went to fight the Mongols but were captured. They were then rescued by 100 Japanese reienforcements. On the 18th of August the Mongols fleet led by Kublai Khan reached Hakata Bay. Two days later the bay had a typhoon and that caused the fleet to return and not to continue the invasion of Japan.
  • Period: Jun 23, 1281 to Aug 15, 1281

    Second Mongol Invasion

    SourceAfter the first Invasion the Mongols were determined to invade Japan. The fleet divided into two.The Korean fleet reached Hakata Bay on June 23 and fought in a stationery battle against the Japanese; with the chinese fleet still awaiting arrival. August 12th the Chinese fleet arrived to the west of the bay. The fleets fought the Japanese with the advantage to the Mongols who had an army three time more powerful. On the 15th of August another typhoon hit Hakata Bay and wiped out the Mongols.
  • Jan 1, 1331

    Emperor Go-Daigo Overthrows the Kamakura Government

    During 1221, Emperor Go- Toba tried to regain his power from the Kamakure Government and failed. The government was not challenged again until 1324. In 1331 Go- Daigo was defeated by the Kamakura Government. He was exiled to the Oki Islands. After he was exiled he created his own court in the Yosino Mountains.
  • Period: Jan 1, 1348 to Jan 1, 1351

    Rivalry Between Northern and Southern Emperors

    The rivalry between the two emperors, the northern and the southern, began in 1348 and lasted 3 years until 1351.
  • Jan 1, 1381

    Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

    SourceAshikaga Yoshimitsu introduced a stable political system. During 1381 he was the inner minister and then became the minister. In 1394, he was the minister of state. In 1392, Yoshimitsu ended an imperial division of Japan. AThis caused Emperor Go-Daigo and his adherents to leave to the Yoshino Mountains. "They established a court separate from that of the emperor designated by Takauji in Kyōto."
  • Jan 1, 1543

    Japanese Firearms

    Japanese Firearms
    SourceJapan was originally introduced to firearms in the 13th century; they were rarely used. In 1543 European firearms were brought into Japan and were used more. Eurpean firearms were probably brought into the country by boat but that is not definate.
  • Tokugawa Shogunate Rules of Japan.

    The Tokgawa Shogunate rules of Japan were established by Oda Nobunaga (1543-1582), Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536-1598), and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The rules lasted for around 250 years. The Shogunate capital was Edo, a small fishing village, but it is now known as Tokyo.