Medieval Europe

  • 500

    Fall of Rome

    The Roman Empire fell at late 5th century.
  • Period: 500 to Dec 31, 1500

    Medieval Europe

  • Period: 500 to Dec 31, 1100

    The Dark Ages

    The Dark Ages was a time of lawlessness and crime but some achievements were far from dark.
  • Dec 31, 1000

    Last Judgement

    In the year 1000, people believed that the world would end, therefore building more churches and huge buildings with decorations.
  • Building of Motte and Bailey Castles

    Motte and Bailey castles were built in the 9th and 10th century. They were built for protection and housing soldiers. Motte and Bailey Castles were made using earth and wood. It was an earthmound (Motte) that was 5-10 metres with a tower on the top and it was surrounded by a courtyard (Bailey) and a ditch called Moat.
  • Building of Stone Castles

    In the tenth century stone castles were built. It had a large tower called a donjon or a keep. It was surrounded by a 3m thick wall. From the 13th century, stone castles had one or two outer walls, a taller inner wall and a tower. These were known as concentric castles.