McPhail Road Extension


    Indicative ANZ offer. 4 pre-sales to start negotiated, then 4 through construction. Letter says 8 presales,
  • Securcorp LOO

    Issued for construction funding. Short on initial funds repayment.
  • Site Inspection

    Securcorp. MR, GS, DAH, ICG on site 11am
  • Securcorp Fail

    Advised by telephone (MR) that funds could not be raised.
  • Meeting Biggar

    Biggars Office. PGL DAH ICG with Biggar. Discussed extension, valuation (GR issues). Proposed timetable to completion was 30 June 2012 anticipating ANZ funding on 4 pre-sales to start, 4 through construction basis.
  • Biggar Extension

    Advised via telephone call to PGL
  • Meeting McPhail

  • PGL Confirms Extension