McKenzie Wetmore, Adam Nelson, Kennedy Forbes Per. 5

  • Equal Education

    In 1938 The supreme court ruled that every state had to offer equal education oppurtunities.
  • Brown Vs. Board of Education

    The supreme court that every state had to offer equal educational opprotunities.
  • African americans denied schools

    An african american applied to the law school at the university of Texas which did not accept black students and made a sperate school for blacks.
  • Protests

    In the summer of 1946 a group of civil rights activits outside the presidents whitehouse to try and make him speak up. That same summer nearly 15,000 protestors marched to the Lincoln MEmorial to get Ku Klux Klan outlawed
  • Segregation after WW2

    In July 1948 Truman ended segregation in the military.
  • Sweatt v. Painter

    In 1950 the supreme court ruled that in Sweatt V. Painter.

    NAACP decided to focus its legal efforts towrds segregation
  • Segregation in public schools

    The Supreme court ruled in the Brown case that segregation and public schools is illegal.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa Parks didn't give her seat up to a white passenger and was arrested.
  • Illegal Bus System.

    The supreme court ruled that Montgomery segregated bus system was illegal.
  • Little Rock Nine

    The school board selected nine African American students, to attend Central High School.Students did not like some of the pople from Little Rock Nine.
  • University of Mississippi

    The supreme court ordered University of Mississippi to accept James Meredith as its first African Amercian student. On September 25, governor Barnett did not let him attend. Then on september 30 there was a deadly riot on campus. Finally he attended cass on October 1, 1962.