Mary's Time Line of Japan after the 1931's ^^

  • Japan taking over..

    Japan taking over..
    Japan forces finally took control of Manchuria.
  • Bombing from Japan

    Bombing from Japan
    Japan bombed the largest US military base at Pearl Harbor, which was in Hawaii.
  • US bombing

    US bombing
    The US dropped their atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. This was their first atomic bomb that was ever used. The US did this, because Japan wouldn't surrender.
  • US bombing 2md time

    US bombing 2md time
    After the firt artomic bomb, on Hiroshima, the US, bombed another city named Nagasaki. These two bombs led to the death of many Japanese people, and hundreds and thousands were injured severly.
  • The treaty between US and Japan

    The treaty between US and Japan
    Japan signed a peace treaty with the US, which led to the US's occupations to stop. And, not only did they sign the treaty with the US, but with other nations that they had fought against at war.