Martucci tech

  • game boy color

    game boy color
    The Nintendo game boy color had very little quality and the screen was dark, yet it ran games pretty well. It only had five total buttons with the d-pad, start, select, a, and b buttons. It did its job to run games. I used this very rarely but I did like it, I spent a lot of time trying to get good lighting for it
  • Playstation 2

    Playstation 2
    PlayStation 2 had a very flat shape to the console with save slots like the game cube. The PlayStation 2 controller had more buttons and a joystick. The console has the backward capability with the requirement of using PlayStation memory cards instead of PlayStation 2 memory cards. I didn't really play the PlayStation 2 very often because my brothers wouldn't let me. Now my older brother is trying to collect PS2 games for his collection
  • GameBoy Advance

    GameBoy Advance
    The Gameboy advance had the same buttons as the GameBoy Color plus 2 more with the right trigger and left trigger. The game quality increased immensely, with more detailed graphics. I played few games on and enjoyed it.
  • GameCube

    The Nintendo Game cube was a uniquely shaped console for being a cube. It is all technicality, it is portable because it is small and comes with handles on the back. The controller has more buttons than the N64, 2 save slots, and a different disc compared to other consoles, with it being small. I grew up with the Game Cube and enjoyed playing it. However, now it doesn’t work, so I would have to play old games on the Nintendo Wii or on an emulator.
  • Before 2002

    These where items that I simply grew up with around me due to my parents or older siblings. My two older brothers are millennials so they allowed me to have access to older consoles that I wasn’t born yet to experience.
  • GameBoy Advance SP

    GameBoy Advance SP
    The Advanced SP had the same features as the Gameboy Advance with added features of foldability and a much brighter screen. The SP I grew up with was broken by the time I was old enough to use it. Yet recently I replaced the screen and played a game on it.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    xbox 360 was released. I didn’t play it frequently enough because it was my brother’s console and they didn’t like it when I played on it. When I was older I was allowed to. In all honesty, it doesn’t have that much of a difference in gameplay from the PlayStation 3. They ran the same games. The only thing that was noteworthy about the Xbox 360 is that the controller is bulkier.
  • Ds

    Nintendo ds lite was released that year as well, just like the Wii, it added a home screen that the Gameboys lacked. It also had backward compatibility for Gameboy advance games. The screen had touchscreen abilities and a little pen that no one used because they lost it.
  • PlayStation 3

    PlayStation 3
    The controller was wireless unlike the PS2 without having to have an adapter but occasionally had to be charged. The PS3 had a home screen instead of opening the game at bootup. There was access to the internet and images, music, and videos were able to be stored in the console. It was also able to play movie discs which I’m pretty sure no other console was able to do because it is a sony product. The older version of the ps3 had backward capability but newer builds didn’t
  • Wii

    I think the concept of motion controls was revolutionary for its time because no other consoles had that type of ability. There was a home screen. I would be able to install applications but I never did and never will because the Wii shop shut down years ago. The sensor was a way to direct the controllers but could be annoying at times because of the specific ways it had to be pointed at the screen. The Wii has backward compatibility for Gamecube games.
  • Windows 7 (Dell)

    Windows 7 (Dell)
    We had a family desktop computer that I used a lot that ran on windows 7 that came with ms paint and windows movie maker. Windows 7 was simple but effective, the windows button was a way to navigate through applications and files and it was easy to find images, music, and videos. The same thing can be applied to laptops. I loved the desktop and spent many days of my childhood on it. It became the reason why I started to use social media.
  • Ipad

    I got my first and only Ipad. It was sleek and white but always had a hard case over it to prevent a child like me from breaking it. I mainly used it to download art, drawing programs, and applications. There were many games I installed on that poor device. Unfortunately, my older brothers borrowed it and they did something to accidentally factory reset it. I can’t access the account because the person who gave me the iPad passed away. I lost many childhood memories and footage.
  • Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo 3DS
    I used this more than the previous handheld consoles because it was for me, it wasn’t a hand-me-down, and I got to pick the games I wanted to play. I didn’t buy a lot of games. The 3Ds 3d feature wasn’t really all that good and usually just gave me headaches. The joystick was a great feature because previous consoles didn’t have that. The home screen was expanded upon and allowed for more applications to be on it such as Youtube and Flipnote.
  • Windows 8

    Windows 8
    I got my own personal new laptop that ran Windows 8. I remember disliking windows 8 because it wasn’t windows 7. It had new features such as the expanded start button that took up the whole screen. Yet I didn’t want new features. I just wanted an easy-to-navigate computer and eventually, I got used to it.
  • Wii U

    Wii U
    The Wii U pad has a screen while being a controller. I didn’t buy many games for this console either but I did play it a lot. It still retained the motion control that the Wii controllers had without having to have a sensor bar. It had a hub world for the home screen with mii’s occupying it which probably took a lot of effort to animate each mii. It was overall more expensive than the Wii but less memorable. I find myself playing Wii and GameCube games more than Wii U games.
  • Samsung Phone

    Samsung Phone
    got my first phone, it was an android phone, it had limited space and limited features. I still enjoyed it more than an iPhone. It was small but efficient. I remember spending most days deleting photos to install an app that I would use for 2 seconds.
    I do not remember the exact type of phone it was nor its the release date
  • Playstation 4

    Playstation 4
    I had more of an interest in the PS4 because my brother bought more games for it. It definitely had a more noticeable change compared to the Xbox one because of the controller shape. The controller had a touchpad on the top, yet many games I played didn’t take a good enough advantage of that.
  • Wacom Drawing tablet

    Wacom Drawing tablet
    I got my first and so far only drawing tablet. It is a way to draw art on the computer without having to use the mouse or trackpad. The tablet could be plugged in with a USB wire or through an adapter with a battery that can be plugged into the tablet. The tablet is much smaller than the screen but is able to mimic the screen based on the position. The pen works as the mouse and the tablet has buttons that can be assigned shortcuts. I cannot find the year for the version I have.
  • Galaxy S7

    Galaxy S7
    Galaxy s7. To this day it’s still my favorite phone. It had much more space and features. I had a physical button and a much larger screen. There were better one-hand commands. The only downside was that it also didn’t have a lot of space, but that was because I kept downloading games and emulators.
  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
    The nintendo switch was released and it was the second portable console (GameCube was technically a portable console). You can play it on the TV or on the screen, you can detach the controllers and have motion controls. I would say the Nintendo Wii U was the prototype of the Nintendo switch because of the many physical similarities it has. The Wii U gamePad is just a smaller version of the Switch.
  • Motorola One5g

    Motorola One5g
    I had high hopes for this phone but I just ended up hating it. It does it's job but it has fewer features than my previous phone. There are no back, tab, or home buttons. There are no notes/notes. My gallery was replaced with google photos and even though that is important, I rather have photos back up there and retrieve photos straight from it. I was able to sort my images into folders that I couldn’t do in my new phone. I have plenty of space
  • MSI gaming laptop

    MSI gaming laptop
    I got an MSI gaming computer because I thought a gaming computer would be able to handle more software and data and so far, I am right. I do use it to play games but not too many because I find myself not having enough time or energy for games. The computer is thin and light. It has fewer features compared to other laptops with only 2 USB ports and no disc port, making me unable to play CDs on my computer.