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Martin Luther King Jr. (American Studies Extra Credit)

  • Period: to

    Martin Luther King Jr.

  • KUED

    KUED TV channel 7 in Salt Lake City, UT (PBS) begins broadcasting.
  • Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story

    Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story
    King's first book, Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story is published
  • Stab

    A mentally ill black woman stabs King in at a Harlem book- signing
  • Pope John XXIII

    Pope John XXIII
    Pope John XXIII proclaims 2nd Vatican council
  • "The Day the Music Died"

    Plane crash kills musicians Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, J. P. Richardson and pilot near Clear Lake Iowa.
  • India

    King studies non-violent tactics during a trip to India
  • Ebenezer Baptist Church

    King returns to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta
  • U-2 Plane

    American U-2 spy plane, piloted by Francis Gary Powers, shot down over Russia
  • Atlanta

    King is arrested in Atlanta, at one of hundreds of sit-ins that occur throughout the year
  • Dexter Scott

    Dexter Scott
    Dexter Scott is born.
  • Freedom Riders

    King assists in negotiations for the Freedom Riders
  • Albany Georgia

    King goes to Albany Georgia, to aid a desegregation campaign, and is arrested
  • Orbit Earth

    Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr., is first American to orbit Earth.
  • Albany

    King is arrested in Albany
  • James H. Meredith

    James H. Meredith
    James H. Meredith, escorted by federal marshals, registers at University of Mississippi.
  • Jail

    King spent a week in a Birmingham, Alabama jail. He wrote a letter to the nation.
  • Birmingham

    Police attack protestors in Birmingham
  • "I Have a Dream"

    "I Have a Dream"
    250,000 people march on Washington, and King gives his "I Have a Dream" speech
  • Why We Can't Wait

    King's book Why We Can't Wait is published.
  • Civil Rights Act

    he Civil Rights Act is signed into law
  • Osio Norway

    King gets the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway
  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X
    Malcolm X is assassinated
  • Selma, AL

    Selma, AL
    ·King leads a march from Selma, Alabama, to Montgomery
  • Watts, California

    Watts, California
    Rioting occurs in Watts, California
  • SCLC

    King moves to Chicago to commence a SCLC campaign there
  • Black Power

    Black Power
    Stokely Carmichael popularizes Black Power as a civil rights rallying cry
  • Chicago

    King leads demonstrations in Chicago
  • First sermon devoted to Vietnam

    First sermon devoted to Vietnam
    King gives his first sermon which was devoted entirely to the issue of Vietnam.
  • Where do we go from here

    "Where do we go from here" speech was given.
  • Poor People's March

    Poor People's March
    King gives a speach on his vision of a Poor People's March on Washington.
  • March of sanitation workers

    March of sanitation workers
    He leads a march of black sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Death of Martin Luther King Jr.

    Death of Martin Luther King Jr.
    King is killed on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, in Memphis.
  • Riots Take Place

    Riots Take Place
    Riots begin to break out across the nation over the reaction of King's death.