martin luther

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  • Nov 10, 1483

    martian luther was born

    martian luther was born
    he was born in Eisleben, Germany
  • Jul 2, 1505

    terrible storm

    Then, on July 2, 1505, returning to Erfurt after visiting home, Martin was caught in a severe thunderstorm in which he was flung to the ground in terror, and he suddenly vowed to become a monk if he survived
  • Oct 13, 1517

    publisheed 95 theses

    Luther, burning with passion and just devoutness, posted the Ninety-Five Theses at the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany at All Saints Eve, October 31"
  • Jan 1, 1518

    theses 95 translated

    It wasn’t until January 1518 that friends of Luther translated the 95 Theses from Latin into German
  • Apr 18, 1521

    diet of worms

    The enforcement of the ban on the 95 Theses fell to the secular authorities. On 18 April 1521, Luther appeared as ordered before the Diet of Worms
  • Jun 27, 1525

    married former nun

    In 1525, Luther married a former nun, Katharina (Katherine) von Bora, sixteen years younger than he. i dont know when but it was in 1525
  • Feb 18, 1546

    he died

    sob sob he died sob sob