Mark Twain

  • Mark Twain is BORN!

    Mark Twain is BORN!
    Mark twain was born in a small town called Florida,Missouri. He was the sixth child of John and Jane Clemens! Talk about a big family!
  • Period: to

    Mark Twain

  • Floatin!

    Mark Twain got his Steamboat pilot license after two years of apprenticeship down the Mississippi.
  • Wrote first book

    Wrote first book
    The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, edited by John Paul, C. H. Webb
  • Mark is swooned

    Mark is swooned
    It was the first time he unknowingly set his eyes on his future wife.
  • Bells Are ringing!!

    Bells Are ringing!!
    Mark married Olivia Langdon
  • Get the Crib ready

    Get the Crib ready
    Mark and olivia had a baby boy named Langdon but died in infancy. Leaving the family sonless.
  • Baby on the way!

    Baby on the way!
    Daughter Susy was born! Susy was the oldest of the siblings!
  • another one!

    another one!
    Daughter Clara was born in Elmira,New york. She was the middle daghter and her and when she got older her and her father did not get along very well.
  • ANother one on the way

    ANother one on the way
    Daughter Jean was born in Elmira,New York. She was the third daughter born! She was unhealthy and fragile as a baby.
  • Mark Twain Masterpiece

    Mark Twain Masterpiece
    Mr.Twain write a book about his dangerous adventure on the Mississippi River. The book goes in to tell the reader just what things you might expect while traveling down the ole Mississippi.
  • Death occurs

    Death occurs
    Mark's daughter Susy dies from meningitis. she was the eldest of daughters.

    Mr.Twain Wrote an anti-war article during the spanh-American war but was rejected.
  • Death Mark Twain

    Death Mark Twain
    He died heart disease.