Mario Bros

  • Mario Bros

    Mario and Luigi have a game all to themselves. First was released on an arcade game and had 1-2 simultaneous player modes.
  • Super Mario Bros

    Technical SpecificationsSuper Mario Bros was released both in Japan and the United States in 1985 on actual gaming consoles. Super Mario Bros was released in Japan on the Famicom, (Japanese equivalent to the NES). The Famicom and NES, ran on a 8 bit microprocessor. NES technical specifications: CPU: Nintendo 2A03, running at 1.79MHz; Main RAM: 2 KB; Video memory: PPU contains 2 KB of tile and attribute RAM, 256 bytes of sprite position RAM ("OAM") and 28 bytes of palette RAM, 8 KB of tile pattern ROM on cartridge
  • Super Mario Bros 2

    Sequal to 1985 Super Mario Bros. Developed for the NES
  • Super Mario Bros 3

    Sequal to 1 and 2. It includes new elements such as flying, floating, and sliding down slopes. Also for NES
  • SNES

    The Super NES was released which Super Mario World was shipped with the console and featured 16-bit technology. Like the original NES it also used game cartridges. Technical Specifications: RAM: 1Mbit; Memory Cycle Time: 279 ms; Video RAM .5 Mbit.
  • Nintendo 64

    The N64 set new gaming standards with the realistic 3D gaming experience. This gaming system also used cartridges and was a 64 bit, which launched with Super Mario 64. Super Mario 64 was the best selling N64 game. Technical Specifications; Memory: RAMBUS D-Ram 36-Mbit
  • Super Smash Bros.

    The Nintendo GameCube, a 64 bit console, outdid the graphics and gameplay of the N64 and was the first system to use optical discs instead of cartridges. A gaming disc can hold 1.5 gigabytes of data, which is 190x, more holding than an N64 cartridge. Super Smash Bros. was released shortly after the consoles launch and is centered on characters from Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Technical Specifications: 43 MB non-unified RAM.
  • Mario Bros. -e

    Mario Bros. –e is a game for the e-Reader, which the game is a port of the NES version with the plot being the same as the original. It is only one player.
  • New Super Mario Bros

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the first game in the Mario main series since the Mario Bros. arcade game in the 80s. Mario Bros is still at the top of the gaming industry since as of April 2011, the New Super Mario Bros was the 5th best selling game on the Nintendo Wii. Technical Specifications: Graphics: 243 MHz ATI “Hollywood”. Storage: 512 MB internal flash memory. Memory Card capable.