Marine Biology

By Adam715
  • US Coast Survey Initiated.

    The United States Coast survey provided the first scientific systematic mapping of the US coast. The surevey also included islands, shoals, and places of anchorage within twenty leauges
  • Period: to

    Marine Biology

  • Darwin Voyage

    Darwin published a paper, and he voyaged the world and made observations of different types of reefs.
  • Undersea Canyon

    James Alden discovered the first known sumbarine valley- Calfornia's Monterey Canyon
  • Life in the Deep Sea

    Charles Wyville, found life at 18,000 feet shattering previous theories.
  • Early Marine Survey of the Americas

    Swiss naturalist Louis Agissiz steam boated from boston to san fransico, He collected 30,000 marine specimens. More than 7,000 are cataloged in Harverd University Museum,
  • Period: to

    Marine Reasearch and Oceanography

    The HMS Challenger circled the globe collecting reasearch for the Royal Society, laying the ground work for modern society,
  • First Oceanofraphi Reasearch Vessel

    USFC streamer UFS albatross began its maritime operations. It was the first ship to do maritime reasearch and it was in operations for 30 years.
  • Marine Survey

    Swiss Naturalalist Alexander Agzziz made long reasearch voyages and took samples from remote oceanic regions.
  • Sinking of the Titanic

    The RMS Titanic sank after hitting an iceburg killing more that 13,000 people. It sparked a device for locating objects ahead of the vessel
  • First Acoutsic Exploration

    Canadian Engineer Reganold Fessenden used an asculautor bouncing a signal of an iceburg and of the sea floor.
  • Sudying ht emid atlantic Ridge

    The German Meteor expidition sailed the south atlantic, with echo sounders proving the contininuaty of the mid atlantic ridge.
  • The Bethysphere

    American Naturalist William Beebe was lowered in a tethered Bethysphere to 3028 feet. He and partner otis barton pioneer ocean exploration.
  • Creation of the Aqualung

    Jaques Cousteau forever changed the course of human interaction with the sea. Gangnam and Cousteau created an automatic demand regulator which allowed divers to breath pressurized air. The first Scuba.
  • Underwater Submersible Dive

    The french Research vessel FRNS3 decended 13,257 feet off the coast of West Africa. Inauguring the use of manned untethered research Submeribles.
  • Discover of Magnetic Stripping on ocean floor

    The US Coast survey ship Pioneered towed the first marine magnatometer and found magnetic stripping on the seafloor of the American West Coast.
  • The Triste Explores the Marinas Trench

    The triste dove to the deepest point in the Marianas Trench. Jacques Picard, piloted The Triste to the deepest point called the Challenger Point
  • Development of the Deep Tow System

    Descripts Intutition began develpment of the Deep Tow System the foreruner of all remotely operaated unmanned oceanographic systems.
  • Underwater Lab

    SeaLab off the Coast of California, developed by the US Navy. Was deigned to house 10 men for 30 days it was 12 feet wide. Included 4 entry gallery lab living spaces
  • Sylvia Earle Leads Women Aquanauts

    She lead the first team of women aquanauts during the techtite and set the record for solo diving at 3,280 feet.
  • Discovered of the Hydrothermal Vents

    Discovered near the Galapagos Island. Found bacteria that use the process called kimosyntisis used to harnes the harsh chemicals in the vents.
  • Discovery of the sunken Titanic

    Reaseach team lead by Robert Ballard found the most famous shipwreck theTitanic. It was located 12,500 feet down. Balard developed remotly operated with sonar and other remotly controled objects. When the found the sunken ship they confirmed that the ship had spilt in two.
  • Creating Sea surface maps

    Mission between NASA and CNS the sattelite completed nearly 62,000 orbit os eath before it lost its ability to manuver in 2006.
  • Creating Seafloor Maps

    Declassification of DEOsat of the satlite led to worldwide mapping of the seafloor.
  • Exploring the Marianas Trench

    James Cameron would attempt the first Solo dive to the deepest point in the earth He reached 7 miles.
  • Cataloging the Biodiversity of the Ocean

    The first ever census catalogued the diversity and abunbance of marine species.