Marilyn Monroe

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  • Marilyn Monroe is born

    Marilyn Monroe is born
    Her real name is Norma Jean Baker
  • Actors Studio neoyorquino

    Actors Studio neoyorquino
    He went there to take classes with Lee Strasberg. Induced by him, she studied psychoanalysis in order to know herself better and to bring out her interpretative potential.
  • Monroe's letter

    Monroe's letter
    Monroe decides to go to a psychiatric facility with the intention of "getting better", however, it wasn't what he expected.
    Excerpt from the letter written by Monroe
    "The inhumanity there seemed archaic to me. Everything was under lock and key. The doors have windows so that patients are visible at all times, and the violence and marks of previous patients still remain on the walls. Man has reached the moon, but he does not seem to be interested in the beating human heart".
  • Death of Marilyn Monroe

    Death of Marilyn Monroe
    Monroe was found without dyeing her blonde hair for weeks, without waxing, without teeth - even though she was only thirty years old and wore dentures - and with her neck swollen, as reported by operators Alan Abbott and Ron Hast -burying Hollywood stars-.
  • Suicide or homicide?

    Suicide or homicide?
    An investigation by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office 20 years after his death found no evidence of a murder conspiracy, although it theorized that Monroe may have died from an accidental overdose rather than a premeditated suicide