March 15th

  • Pilvax

    Leaders of the Revolutionary Democrats met at 8 am in Café Pilvax.
  • University

    After the Café they went to the University to mobilize university students.
  • City Hall of Pest

    They went to the C.H. of Pest and made the council accept the 12 points.
  • Printing shop of Landerer

    Youngsters marched to the printing shop and without the permission of the censor they printed the 12 points and the National Song.
  • Helytartótanács

    They marched to The Helytartótanács and demanded the release of Táncsics Mihály.
  • National Museum

    In front of the National Museum there were a mass meeting.
  • National Theatre

    They went to the National Theatre to a gala performance of Bank bán in the evening.