Manufactory Timeline

  • First Car Manufactured.

    The first car is manufactured by Ford.
  • First Moving Assembly Line

    The first moving assembly line is made by Ford.
  • World War 1 begins

  • World War 1 ends

  • The Great Depression begins

  • Just-In-Time is developed.

    Toyota develops the Just-in-time manufacturing.
  • The first jet engine is made

    They are made by a team of people.
  • The Great Depression ends

  • Period: to

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is president

  • World War 2 begins

  • World War 2 ends

  • The first programming language is made

  • Vietnam war begins

  • Integrated circuits are developed

  • OSHA is introduced

  • Industrial robots are developed

  • Vietnam war ends

  • The peak of manufacturing industry employment is reached

  • The first smart cameras are made

  • The first PC is made

    It was made by a team of engineers in Florida
  • Period: to

    George H. W. Bush is president

  • US manufacturing enterprise integration act is made

  • The first iPhone is made

  • Better robots are made and used for manufacturing

  • 3D printers is developed