Manual Physical Therapy

  • Kaltenborn starts his career

    Freddy Kaltenborn is an athletic trainer and physicaleducater in Germany
  • Period: to

    Development of Folsom Method: Rehabilitative Exercise

  • Kaltenborn is a physical therapist in Norway

  • Period: to

    Kaltenborn practices physical therapy in Norway for 32 years

    Kaltenborn practiced physical therapy in his native Norway for thirty-two years, from 1950 to 1982. During that time he instructed countless physical therapyists, medical doctors, and many osteopaths and chiropractors in manual treatment methods. He introduced manual therapy to Norwegian physical therapists and was instrumental in developing manual therapy educations and certification standards there.
  • Kaltenborn studies with Mennell & Cyriax

    1952-1954 Kaltenborn studies with Dr. James Mennell & Dr. James Cyriax in London, England to learn more about orthopedic medicine and receives his certification to teach the Cyriax approach in 1955. Thereafter he studied at the British school of Osteopathy and began to incorporate these concepts into his own system.
  • Kaltenborn is certified in chiropractic in Germany

    Kaltenborn is certified in chiropractic by the Forschungs-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Chiropraktik (FAC) in Germany and taught chiropractic to the medical doctors within FAC between 1958 & 1962. By 1962 the FAC had incorporated the Kaltenborn Method into their approach and changed the name of their professional practie from "Chiropraktik" to "Chirotherapy." Kaltenborn continued to instruct FAC practitioners until 1982.
  • Olaf Evjenth joins Freddy

  • Kaltenborn studies osteopathy with Dr. Alan Stoddard

    Kaltenborn studied at the London College of Osteopathy in London, England and subsequently was approved as an osteopathic instructor by Dr. Alan Stoddard in 1971.
  • Kaltenborn is approved as an osteopathic instructor by Dr. Alan Stoddard

  • Kaltenborn is in manipulative therapy certified

    Kalthenborn was certified in orthopedic manipulative therapy by the International Seminor of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy (ISOMT)
  • 1973 International Seminar of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy formed

    Group included Cyriax, Hinsen, Stoddard
  • Period: to

    OMT Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concepts

    Olaf expanded Freddy's techniques to include muscle stretching and coordination training. He believed in more intensive training. He also modified manual techniques for patient use at home. They began developing equipment including mobilization wedges, fixation belts and grips.
  • Period: to

    Michael Moore studies PNF at Kaiser Rehab Center Vallejo, Ca under Maggie Knott

  • Eilleen Vollowitz studies under Kaltenborn Evjenth

    January - November 1976
  • PNF & Kaltenborn Collaboration

    Heidelberg, Germany: Maggie Knott agrees to a joint collaboration with Freddy Kaltenborn. Traudi Kaltenborn studies 3 months at Vallejo, Freddy agrees to give 2 weekend seminars to Vallejo staff. Traudi was in Dennis Morgan's PNF class.
  • 1977-1984 Kaltenborn teaches at Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA

  • Period: to

    Kaltenborn teaches at Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, USA

  • Period: to

    Dennis Morgan studies under Kaltenborn-Evjenth

  • Period: to

    Michael Moore studies under K-E

  • Manual Stretching for PTs

  • Period: to

    Folsom Physical Therapy Long Term Course

  • Tim McGonigle joints Folsom Physical Therapy

  • Tim McGonigle completes Kaiser Hayward Residency

    Integrated Manual Therapy: Dennis, Eilleen, Barbara Stevens & 2 others from Maitland camp: Jim & Jennifer Lynn and Linda VanHeuson (Australian)
  • Period: to

    Lumbar Training Course Taught

    First gymball exercises taught in con-ed in USA for orthopaedic patients. 50 PTs 5x/year for 7-8 years flew from all over USA. First course in Reno, NV for Northeast District. Novemer 1985
  • Period: to

    Dennis Morgan works at Folsom Physical Therapy

  • Period: to

    Olaf teaches week course at Folsom Physical Therapy

  • First Autostretching Book Published

  • Evjenth introduced provocation/alleviation testing

    Symptoms localization makes evaluations more specific.
  • American Academy for Orthopedic Manual Therapists Founded

    Initial 8: Ola Grimsby, Stanley Paris, Cornelia Kulig, Mike Rogers, Bjorn Svendsen, Joe Farrell, Michael Moore, Richard Ehrhardt