Man's Impact On The Desert Biome

  • Offroading

    Offroading kills animals and can also damage natural landforms.
  • Desertification

    Desertification is bad because it causes other biomes around the desert biome to become a desert.
  • Removing Water

    Removing Water
    Removing water is the act of taking water from underground springs or lakes and rivers.
  • Overgrazing Animals

    Overgrazing Animals
    Overgrazing lets animals eat grass to much in one spot and then the grass won't grow back.
  • Pulling Up Invasive Plants

    Pulling Up Invasive Plants
    This helps remove plants that damage the natural enviroment.
  • Plant Collectors

    Plant Collectors
    Plant collectors take plants from the desert for personal gain.
  • Housing Development

    Housing Development
    This is when you bulid houses where the desert is.
  • Sagurao National park being formed.

    Sagurao National park being formed.
    National parks preserve land so people can view certain places natural habitats.