manfred tin witness timeline'

  • goldilocks in 3rd grade

    coped off my daughters quizzes
  • goldilocks in jr. high

    goldilocks prank calledall the parents of her friends
  • mr. goldilocks death

    after his death his widow reallt tightened everything up around and posted signs about how to not forage or woodcut.
  • wilderness survival class

    goldilocks got an A in the wilderness survival class when the grades accidentally were sent to me. she exceled at gathering edible roots, nuts ,and berries.
  • walking

    walking to the bear-browns house
  • half an hour before walking

    saw a blonde girl walking on a trail across the meadow who looked lkike goldilocks
  • weather

    oppressivly hot, humid summer day with not a breath of air moving
  • walking by the berenstiens house (special)*

    hear mother bear-brown screaming that a "blonde girl has broken our door. she entered into our house, without our permission, and damaged our property.
  • the case date

    the case happens today