Malnutrition and Hunger

Timeline created by coletrain
  • Irish potato famine

    Irish potato famine
    Due to a fungus called Phytophthora potato crops were infested leading to millions of deaths in six years.
  • Ukrainian famine

    In the year 1932 a man named Stalin made a man made famine by shorting the countrys grain causing millions of peasants to die
  • Chinese Famine

    Chinese Famine
    An unknow famine in China,one most of the tragic things that was recorded in history, killing 14 t0 40 million people.The united states still is trying to find famine is.
  • North Korea famine

    North Korea famine
    For North Korea their famine is about the number of people that are dying.This famine has killed up 24 million chlidren and there are about 80,000 kids that are under nourished.
  • Africa famine

    Africa famine
    Africa and Southern Africa on the brink of famine.
  • Chid famine in Africa

    Chid famine in Africa
    Stavation hits hard in Darfur with the youth. CHildren dying of hunger in Arab countries as well.
  • Current Hunger Statistics

    Current Hunger Statistics
    Current statistics show that worldwide 925 million people are hungry.