Major Technological Developments During The 1950's

  • Video Tape Recorders (VTR)

    Video Tape Recorders (VTR)
    While not the first time video tapes were used to record information, in 1951 Charles Ginsburg invented the first practical VTR which could be used for entertainment purposes and was much less expensive and bulky than the existing technology.
  • Black Box Flight Recorder

    Black Box Flight Recorder
    In 1953 David Warren invented the first Black Box. these were and still are used in all commercial aircraft, as well as most military and private aircraft and track inputs, flight patterns, and physical damage to an aircraft, allowing an operator to see exactly how a plane has crashed or taken damage.
  • Transistor Radio

    Transistor Radio
    In 1953 Texas Instruments developed the first commercial transistor radios. Transistor radios were smaller and more powerful than the traditional tube radios, and used significantly less energy. Because of their smaller size, some were even easily portable at the time.
  • Hard Disk Drive Storage

    Hard Disk Drive Storage
    in 1956 IBM created and used the First HDD storage disk for computer data, the RAMAC 305. The Disk was large, about the size of a 5 gallon drum, and could hold up to 5 megabytes of data.
  • Fortran

    In 1957 Fortran was invented, the first computing language ever developed. While very primitive by modern standards, it is still used daily in Doplar weather computing, as well as several high level scientific studies working on genome decryption and atomic structure calculation.