Major Accomplishments of Henry Ford and his Company

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  • Birth of a legend

    Birth of a legend
    Henry ford was born to William and Mary Ford. he was the first of six children. The life of Henry Ford
  • Starting a Family

    Starting a Family
    Henry Ford marries Clara Bryant
  • The Beggining of a Great Future

    The Beggining of a Great Future
    Henry Ford gets a job at the Edison Illuminating Company. This sparks, and concluded Henry's decision that part of his life would be dedicated to industrial pursuits.
  • The Start of a Company

    Henry ford was promoted to chief engineer. this gave Ford enough time to make good money and still have time to work on his own experiements and inventions.
  • Not New, But the Start of Something New

    Not New, But the Start of Something New
    Henry Ford build the Quadricycle
  • Third Time Really is The Charm

    Third Time Really is The Charm
    Ford unsuccessfully attempted to establish a company twice until 1903 when Ford was incorporated and Henry as the Vice-President and cheif engineer.
  • A Successful Dream

    Henry Ford becomes the President of Ford. Henry Ford combines Buick and Cadillac and become the number 1 Auto maker in the U.S.
  • T for.........

    T for.........
    The model T was introduced and was immediatly a huge success.
  • Over Land, To Over Seas!

    The first oversea assembly plant was built in Manchester, England.
  • Assembly!

    The assembly line was introduced to ford in 1903 to be more efficient and to increase percision. The assembly line is where the part is carried on a conveyer belt to one person who would put his specific part onto the car and the part would keep moving down.

    The first large factory was built in Highland Park, Michigan because of such a high demand for the Model T's.
  • Stepping it up again

    Beacause of the Assembly line Ford became the largest automobile maker in the world.
  • Jeep For the U.S

    Jeep For the U.S
    Ford begins to produce general-purpose jeeps for the U.S. military and shifts completely to military production starting in Feb. 1942
    Ford Motor company
  • 22% of the compony, not much? WRONG!

    Fords common stock goes on sale and 10.2 million sharea are bought on the first day. Thats only 22% of the company.
  • Aston Martin Loganda

    Ford buys 75 percent of Aston Martin Loganda
  • High Point

    Fords earnings were 5.3 billion, an all time high.
  • Orange Chicken to Cars

    Orange Chicken to Cars
    First dealership built in china
  • Mile marker? More like 250th marker

    Ford Builds its 250 millionth car since its been built.
    Ford built roughly 2.6 million cars a year.
  • Saving Money

    99 cents of all future hourly wages will go towards health care. the insurance deductibles will go up by close to 33%. these changes will save ford 650 million dollars.
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    Accomplishments of Ford