Magic The Gathering timeline of Significant Events

  • Wizard Of the Coast is founded by Peter Adkison

    Wizard Of the Coast is founded by Peter Adkison
    Peter Adkison was the origional founder of Wizard of the Coast, the company that makes Magic the Gathering. Besides Magic Wizards is also responsible for the pokemon card game and Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Limited Edition Alpha released

    Limited Edition Alpha released
    This is the first set of cards that were released for the Magic card game. This set established the tradmark game type that has player tapping cards to activate them and establishes the use of lands as the currency to summon monsters.
  • Limited edtion Beta

    Click here to download the Card listThis set was released quickly after the Alpha edition. This set clairfied problems with the rules and perfected the games formula.
  • Unlimited Release

    Unlimited Release
    This set was the first to have white borders. It has the same cards as Beta and Alpha but with the white borders. This set printed over 40 million cards.
  • Revised Edition

    Click here to download set list There were about 500 million cards released for this set. This set also has white borders.
  • First Magic World Championships at Gen. Con

    First Magic World Championships at Gen. Con
    The Gen Con gaming fair is held in Milwaukee. Some of the prizes for winning the Magic Tournaments are up to 45000 for the winners.
  • Fourth Edition Release

    Fourth Edition Release
    This set contained 378 cards and was the actually the tenth set of card to be released. This set was also the first to be released in Asian languages.
  • First Magic Prerelease tournament held in NYC Homelands

    First Magic Prerelease tournament held in NYC Homelands
    Link to article on Prerelease tournamentsThis was the very first Prerelease tournament held. Unlike the other tournaments the Prereleases alow player to play a new set of cards a few weeks befor they officially go on sale.
  • First Magic the Gathering Pro Tour takes place in NYC

    First Magic the Gathering Pro Tour takes place in NYC
    Click here for Wiki entry on Pro-TourThe Pro tour has a total of 230,000$ available in prize money. The person who wins the whole tournament gets 40,000$ and access to any cards he/she could want.
  • First Magic Grand Prix

    see current Grand Prix winnerThis event has reletivly small cash prizes and the most cometitors. It is available to any one who wants to play and is very popular.
  • Fifth Edition

    Click here to download card listThis set includes a total of 479 cards. Atog was the most popular card in this set and was a remake from fourth edition.
  • Classic (Sixth Edition)

    click here for card listThis set was designed for mor experianced players who are looking for good cards in the two player format. There are a total of 350 new cards released with this set.
  • Seventh Edition

    Click here for card listThis set was designed for competition and all its cards are allowed in official Magic tournaments. Plus there is some new art and a return of old fan favorite cards.
  • Magic Makes a cameo as a poster in spider-man

    Magic Makes a cameo as a poster in spider-man
    This is a great step into popular culture for the magic franchise. With this new poster more fans flocked to the game.
  • Core Set Eighth Edition

    click here to see set list This set marked the 10th anniversery for magic. To make it special players voted on what cards they would like to see in the set.
  • Magic the Gathering celebrates 10th Anniversary

    Click to see Wizard Press releaseThis date marked 10 years of Magic the gathering making it one of the oldest collectable card games still in play. To celebrate the occasion wizards released the 8th edition a few weeks later.
  • Magic Pro Tour hall of Fame is established

    Click here to see hall of FameWith this magic realy does establish itself as a staple in modern life. The Hall of Famers are recognized as the best players from all over the world.
  • Core Set Ninth Edition

    Click here for set listThis set included many cards from previous sets. Some of these cards were originally very powerful but with the new rules they were more balanced.
  • Core set Tenth Edition

    Core set Tenth Edition
    Click here to buy cardsThe symbol for this set is the Roman numeral ten or just an x. This set was the first to include the addition of Legendary Creatures.
  • 15th Anniversary

    click here to buy starter setFor the 15th Anniversary Wizards released a new starter set. This new set has all that is neede for new players to get involved in the game.
  • Xbox live arcade game released

    Games home pageThis is a virtual version of the card game that is available on xbox live. This game makes it possible for players to play online against anyone in the world.