By 001613
  • First Music Lesson

    Paul Crabbe meets Eduard Keller for the first time. At Kellers house, which is above the beer garden in Darwin. His first reaction was it was a hot and muggy place. Full of old drunk men.
  • Flashback of Day they arrived

    Crabbe was excitd to be moving to darwin whereas his parents where not so excited. Not classed as a very high-end city. Many drunks etc.
  • Paul thinks Keller is a Nazi

    Paul does not accept the way Keller is teaching him to play piano. He does not allow him to play music he believes he is capable of, and instead plays simple music, e.g. beginners books.
    He despises Keller for this, as he believes he is a much greater piano player, then Keller will let on.
  • Kellers Past

    Paul and his parents find the link between Keller and his musical ancestors. They find that he has a direct link to the famous maestro 'Liszt'.
    This changed pauls perspective on Keller. He began to appreciate Keller more, due to his high talent.
  • Period: to


    Paul Crabbe
  • Bennie Reid

    Paul is introduced to Bennie Reid in the book because they are both 'outsiders'. Paul likes the fact that Bennie collects butterflies, but believes he is of a higher rank and could easily overpower Bennie.
    This shaped Pauls life because he found his first friend in Darwin, and was suddenly not the 'lonely guy'.
  • Friday Night Soirees

    Pauls parents invite fellow music overs to their house for a music evening. The group is facinated by Keller, however questions where raised as to why he was in Darwin. This shaped pauls life as he then questioned why he was in Darwin.
  • Pauls Sexual Awakening

    Falls in love with Megan Murray. He is purely sexually interest in Megan.
    This shows Paul growing up, he is becoming interested in girls.
  • School Bullies

    Jimmy Papas is the school bully and belts Paul after trying to win Megan over, after she already has 'a man'. This doesnt seem to stop Paul from lusting over Megan in dreams. He is growing into a older teenager, and is experiencing lots of new things.
  • Kellers Family

    Paul finds out that Keller had a wife and kid.
    This changes Pauls harsh view on Keller, from being a Nazi to being a lonely man who lost his family.
  • Intermezzo - Adelaide

    As Paul is looking up keller in the books at the Library, he witnesses a couple having sex in the library stands.
    Paul has his eyes opened up to sexual relationships.
  • Rosie Zolla

    Rosie Zolla has recently moved to Darwin and is attractied to Paul. Paul doesn't like her, but tolerates her. And acts like Keller when she plays music for him.
    He teachs Rosie like Keller taught him, teaching her from the beginning.
  • Kellers Scrapbook

    The scrapbook contains clippings from newspapers. Paul is forbidden to read anymore once he shows his father the textbook.
    Paul was intrigued by the scrapbook but after his father takes it, is no longer obsessively wanting to know its contents.
  • Bontanical Gardens Concert

    Brisbane Symphony Orchestra performs.
    Keller is drunk, and sits with Pauls Mum and Dad.
    Paul and Rosie spark a mutual seual feeling. Paul realizes he is attracted to Rosie and becomes anxious to be alone with her.
    He is also annoyed and embarrased at Kellers rudness throughout the concert.
  • The Band of Bullies

    Paul and Rosie spent every lunchtime in the music room.
    Jimmy and his friends, barge in, demanding the room for band practise.
    He began to teach them how to play their instruments correctly.
    He was then be-friended by 'the bullies'.
  • Paul's First Sexual Experience

    Paul and Megan took a drive and ended up at the beach, where they had sex.
    Guilty, paul went straight home and biked over to Rosies, where he confessed his love for her, and then they also had sex. He feels a much stronger connection with Rosie and continues this connection by meeting at her place every night.
  • Benne Reid

    Reid is constantly bullied by Jimmy. Reid fights back.
    Paul dobs in Reid for putting a bag of flaming poo inside the van. Jimy threatens to kill Reid.
    Paul is sorry for dobbing Reid in, but Reid does not accept the apology, claiming, thats what he wanted to happen.
    Reid isnt scared of the bullies.
    Paul is unsure and uncomfortable with what will happen to Reid.
  • Battle of the Sounds

    The band 'Rough Stuff' win the battle of the sounds competition and get to go to the final in Adelaide.
    The meet the DJ, Rick Whitely.
  • Keller and Paul fly to Adelaide

    Keller and Paul travel to Adelaide where Paul has been entered into a piano competeition. Keller does not stay with Paul and his grandparents, and does not drink during his stay.
    The band arrive later on, without Reggie, instead with Whiteley. Paul is struggling to choose between each of the musical worlds. But soon chooses to follow the musical world of Keller.
  • Kellers Arm

    After staying late for dinner at Pauls grandparents, Keller sleeps over.
    As he is changing into some PJ's paul notices the concentration camp tattoo on his arm.
    Paul was shocked and curious. his curiosity into Kellers life rose again.
  • Pauls Future

    Pauls parents debate about pauls future, while paul disincludes himself from his future, as he is not ready for his future.
    Later on, Paul realizes that he should have some say in his future, as it is, his. This opens up pauls eyes t the realization that, he is older now, and he is arriving at 'his future' and he is leaving behind his high school life.
  • The night before Paul Leaves

    Keller opens up on the night before Paul leaves.
    However, Paul just wants to meet rosie for their last night together. Paul is arrogant here, for many years he has been dying to fidn out Kellers background and now that Keller has finally gotten the courage to open up, Paul doesn't want to hear it.
  • Vienna, the Search for the Real Keller

    Paul travels to Austria and tries to piece togethe Kellers life.
    Visits Henisch, and finds out the Keller played for the Nazis in hope that it would save his family. He was imprisoned during the Holocaust, and is believed to be dead.
    This changed Pauls view on Keller and realized he should have paid more attention to Keller when he opened up with his story.
  • Kellers Death

    Paul sits with Keller on his death bed, and wishes that he had better spent his life.