machine gun kelly

  • Birth

    (MGK), or Richard Colson Baker, was born on april 22nd 1990. He was born is Houston, Texas, from his missionaly parents. They moved all around the world and he spent his first four years abroad in Egypt, and he spoke arabic before he learned english.
  • discovery

    When Machine Gun Kelly was in sixth grade, he started listening to rap. What really set his mind on rap was a person known as DMX and his video "We right here".
  • trouble!

    When he was 15, Mgk started getting into rap and soon enough. Drugs. He also recorded his first mixtape. He wasnt ever popular in school and he made a name for himself by calling out older classmates to have a rap battle, and eventually he dropped out of high school. When his dad moved to Kuwait for the military, that's when his dad shipped him to live with him in Kuwait. And he got into even more trouble in Kuwait, so they were forced back to states to settle down in Cleaveland, Ohio.
  • MGK's Daughter Was Born

    MGK's Daughter Was Born
    Leading him up to the song "Invincible" , and what inspired him to write it was his one and only daughter, Casie. Casie was delivered at one of the toughest times in his life. She inspired him the most out of anyone he knew.
  • Apollo

    On this date it was amature night at the apollo theater. When he walked onto stage, He was boo'ed on by the audiance. But when he got started everyone's jaws dropped. He ended up beint the first white person to win there. And he ended up winning again shortly after.
  • "Invincible"

    On this date, MGK and Ester Dean released the song "Invincibe". It was and insparation to all "Lace Up" fans and followers. It helped listeners get through the tought time and showed them that it would all work out in the end.