Mabo - the Man and the Decision

  • Eddie Mabo's Birth

    Eddie Koiki Sambo is born, later changes his name to Eddie Koki Mabo.
  • 1959 Mabo Marries Bonita Neehow

    In 1959, couldn't fine month or day anywhere, Eddie Koiki Mabo marries Bonita Neehow.
  • Union Representative

    Eddie Mabo becomes union representative on the Townsville-Mount Isa rail construction project. Month and Day unknown.
  • Townsville Harbour Board and Advancement League

    In 1962 Eddie Mabo worked for the Townsville Harbour Board and became the Secretary for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advancement League.
  • Townsville Seminar

    In 1967 Eddie Mabo helped organise a seminar in Townsville: 'We the Australians: What is to Follow the Referendum?'
  • James Cook University's Gardener

    in 1967 Eddie mabo began work as a gardener at James Cook University.
  • Land Right Conference

    Eddie Mabo attends land rights conference in Townsville, James Cook University. Meets lawyer who suggest they do a pretend case based on Terra Nullius. Day is unkown.
  • Legal Claim for lands.

    Eddie Koiki Mabo, Sam Passi, David Pass, Celuia Mapo Salee and James Rice make a legal claim for ownership of their lands on Murray Island. Day Unknown
  • Claim Lodged

    The Mabo claim was lodged in the High Court of Australia on 20 May, 1982.
  • Eddie Mabo's Death

    Eddie Mabo dies of cancer at the age of 56.
  • Native Title Act

    The Native Title Act was passed.