Luke Babinchak indian in a cupboard

By 5poster
  • the indian

    the indian
    Omri got an indian and a cupboard. He put the indian in the cupboard and it came alive.
  • Period: to

    two weeks

  • he is alive

    he is alive
    Omri was very excited to get home and play with the indian. He worries that he killed the indian. When he got home the indian was plastic agian. then he comes back to life.
  • The past comes to live.

    The past comes to live.
    First,little bear tells Omri about his live and how he scalp 30 people.Also Omri bring a horse to live for little bear and took them outside to ride around.
  • `they start to come to live

    `they start to come to live
    Little Bear was hit by the horse when Omri was bring them back from outside. So Omri brougt Tommy the medic to live to help heel Little bear.
  • the cheif

    the cheif
    Omri buys an indian chief from yapps. he get home and brings the the chief to life. When he brings it to life the chief dies write away. Little bear takes the chiefs stuff.
  • brothers

    When Omri went into his room his brothers were in his room. Omri was mad because he thought they might have found out about little bear.
  • Boone

    Omri showed patrick little bear. He made a cowboy come to life when omri was not looking. Then the cowboy (boone) and indian had a shooting match.
  • breakfast

    omri gives little bear and Boone breakfast. Then he takes them to school. Patrick tells the head master about little bear.
  • The lost key

    The lost key
    Boone draws a tiny picture of his home town. Omri can not find the key. He realizies that the key is under the floor board. Little bear goes under and almost gets eated by a rat.
  • the TV

    the TV
    Little bear and Boone are watching TV and little bear shoots boone, just missing his heart.
  • home

    Omri bought a girl indian for a wife for little bear. Then they go back to there time and turn to plastic.