Ludwig van Beethoven

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  • Her married

    Her married
    married in the church of San Remigio in Bonn with Maria Magdalena Keverich a young widow and daughter of a chef from Trier
  • Early life

    Early life
    When he was seven years old, Beethoven made his first public performance in Cologne. His father affirmed that the age of Ludwig was of six years, to emphasize, in this way, the precocity of his son; therefore, it was always believed that Beethoven was younger than he really was.
  • First trip to Viena

    With 17 years, leave to the Austrian capital supported by his patron, Count Ferdinand von Waldstein.during this trip to Vienna there was a brief encounter with Mozart.
  • Beethoven in Teplitz

    In 1812, Beethoven moved to Teplitz (Teplice) and during his stay wrote the letter to his "immortal Beloved", which provoked a multitude of speculations about its addressee although it has never been possible to find out exactly.
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    In March 1733 his grandfather emigrated to Bonn, where he worked as a conductor and choirmaster of the Prince Elector's orchestra in Cologne. On September 17 of that same year he married María Josepha Poll, whose witnesses were the organist Gilles van den Aeden and Johann Riechler.
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    Death of parents

    The mother died on July 17, 1787.After this, the young Ludwig had to take responsibility for his brothers and was forced to keep them, playing the violin in an orchestra and giving piano lessons for five years, while his father has a good reputation. His father finally died on December 18, 1792.