Lois armstrong

louis armstrong By Bella

By mrst
  • louis was born on August 4,1901

    louis was born on August 4,1901
    louis was born in a poor family in New Orleans,Louisiana. he was a grandson to slaves. His father and mother both left him and his sister in the care of there grandmother. When he was five he moved back with his mom but barlie saw his dad.
  • louises unrealated jewis family

    louises unrealated jewis family
    Louis worked for a jewis family. They feed and nurcherd him like the family he never had.
  • louis married

    louis married
    louis married daisy parker who lived in Gretnia, louisiana. they adopted a tree year old boy whos mother was louis cousin.
  • what happen to his small family

    what happen to his small family
    louis little boy was named clarence but clarence had mental disabiltys. lous wife didn't stay with him and died shortly after there divorce.
  • the good life

    Olivers band was the best even in a time when there was black and white diffrences and jazz was the most popular. louis was in heavin having his oun apartmen and bathroom.
  • louis career

    louis career
    louis could now read music and started to add his own sound to it. louis mentor Joe "king" Oliver invited him to join his creoie jazz band were louis could make a sufficent incom.
  • recordings

    louis second wife urged him to try bringing his own sound out so he did. louis made his own band and whent to New York but came back to Chicago and made a record.